Louisa Revolta and Steve Christie


Louisa Revolta and Steve Christie have been performing together since 2008 in a variety of professional groups, including the award winning Spitfire Sisters Band.

Steve has been playing piano professionally since 1993, trained as a sound engineer at the world famous Air Studios, and has performed at literally thousands of events and also concerts featuring his own music. He has written music for film, tv and radio and runs his own online Session Musician business, specializing in classic keyboards from 1940s to present day, at Vintage Keys Studio.

Louisa Revolta (voice, saxophone) is an accomplished, multi-skilled performer and songwriter. Louisa is a classically trained singer, but is equally at home singing jazz or blues, as well as being a fantastic mimic.

They can perform just about any song or piece of music you would like to hear (mostly by ear, although a bit of notice is always handy). You can call out requests to Steve and if he has heard it, he can play it, and Louisa is able to play along with the power of musical telepathy!

They are both skilled jazz musicians, and are able to improvise on the spot. Steve knows a million and one songs, and Louisa is able to sing just about anything, with lyrical help from Google and her trusty ipad!

Steve plays Piano, with a Hammond Organ module and Bass Keyboard, and Louisa is able to sing and play drums, or play sax.

Their styles are hugely diverse - from jazz to classical to absurd, but strangely good mashups - ever heard 'Phantom of the Opera' being played at the same time as 'The Pink Panther'? Not possible? Well think again!

They can provide soft, poignant music for a wedding ceremony (Vocal and Piano), soft jazz for a dinner party, or a full band sound for a wedding reception, party or corporate event. Absolutely no backing tracks! All their music is played 100% live.

For a wedding ceremony, you can chose absolutely any piece of music and they will be able to realize it in some shape or form, either instrumentally, or sung and played. Click HERE to view their repertoire list.

Wedding Duo Hampshire

Prices start from Just £250 + travel for up to an hour's performance, and then an extra £100 per hour after that.

To make a booking, you are required to pay a £200 deposit, with the balance payable two weeks prior to the date of your wedding or event.


Louisa and Steve use hi spec BOSE speaker systems, which ensure an absolutely crystal clear sound. Steve has experimented for many years with speakers to amplify a good digital piano, and now is able to reproduce the sound of a baby grand with his set up. There are no worries about the music being too loud for the venue - with the help of some wireless speakers, they are able to spread the sound evenly across larger rooms, so they can be heard at a comfortable level which will enable your guests to either listen, or talk freely.

Steve uses a selection of Yamaha digital electric piano keyboards, but also has a fantastic Grand Piano Shell which comes COMPLETELY flat-packed, and houses his keyboard. Your guests would be none the wiser. This is available for an add £75 fee. He built it himself over 5 years ago, and it has proved staggeringly popular for weddings, corporate events and parties in and around Hampshire, the New Forest, Dorset, Wiltshire, Surrey and Somerset.

Steve's Youtube Page

steve christie hampshire and new forest burley lyndhurst pianist

Check out some videos of some old favourites, and some more unusual tunes too. Also some promotional videos for my own compositions.

Grand Piano Shell Hire

hampshire, dorset, surrey, wiltshire, somerset pianist with grand piano shell for your wedding, party, corporate or beatles themed event or convention

Beautiful Baby Grand Piano Shell available - comes completely flatpacked, easy to set up in any location! Upright shell also available. Click picture above or call or email for a quote.

Steve - Session Pianist

session pianist hampshire, southampton, dorset, bournemouth, piano player

I play sessions for many different clients, both from my own studio and elsewhere - I can supply high quality stereo WAV files (or any format.) You can then import the tracks into your own productions. I also have many vintage synths, organs, pipe organs, harpsichord, clavichords at my disposal. I will also travel to any studio in the UK... Click picture above or call or email for more information.

Louisa - Session Saxophonist

session musician saxophonist Louisa Revolta

Louisa is able to play sax in any style, and can mimic all the greats such as John Coltrane and Wayne Shorter. Check out the sound previews recorded by Steve and Louisa at Vintage Keys Studio. call or email for more information.

Steve Christie - Composer

hauntology, jazz piano, contemporary classical

A selection of some of my extra-curricular music... including an EP with 5 tracks, each of them titled 'Nannygoat'... Why not?

Custom Piano Recordings

custom wedding piano music mp3 download recording

Looking for a special piano recording of a song? I can record piano versions of any music you require, and provide high quality recordings. All recordings fully licensed by the PRS. Click picture above or call or email to discuss your needs.

Beatles Themed Events

Beatles Piano Themed Event Convention - Steve Christie plays all Beatles music ever written. Available in Hampshire, Southampton, Dorset, London, Bournemouth, Surrey, Devon, Cornwall, Wiltshire, Liverpool, Abbey Road, Penny Lane

I am able to play absolutely all of the Beatles' back catalogue on piano, even the more unusual pieces (e.g. Revolution 9), and can take requests on the day as I am playing. Get your guests to try and catch me out! A great addition to a Beatles themed event or convention. Click picture above or call or email for a quote.


As well as performing for weddings and corporate events, Steve provides a Bespoke Piano Recording service where any piece of music can be recorded on a variety of acoustic, electric and digital pianos, as well as vintage organs, synths... even harpsichord! Recordings are tailor made to suit your needs - any style, any file format - perfect for piano instrumentals, piano backing tracks or to fit a great piano or keyboard part into your own project. I can work from a recording, of from sheet music.


If you have your own music you wish to have some keyboard parts added to, this is not a problem - just send the track you are working on, or a demo, and I will work out the music and send you a recording. You can be as specific or non- specific as you like!

All recordings are made to a high audio standard - any file format! Midifiles also available.

For more information visit GrandPianoTracks.com (for piano recording) or VintageKeysStudio.com (for organs, synths and other instruments) or contact Steve Christie on (+44)7530 532767 or email steve@vintagekeysstudio.com Bespoke Piano Recording by Pianist Steve Christie - Any piece of music realised for piano and professionally recorded