Equipment Information - True Grand Piano Sound

I have spent years perfecting my piano sound, and have tried to steer away from the "amplified keyboard" sound from PA systems, common to most performers. Realism is key, and with this setup, you will get the depth and warmth of a real grand piano sound which fits perfectly into any situation, be it pleasant background music for a wedding breakfast or reception, wedding ceremony music or a slightly more "robust" sound for a party atmosphere.

I now use discrete BOSE equipment (without the need for large PA speakers on stands, loads of trailing cables etc) along with a custom built passive EQ unit I designed to enable full control over not just the sound of the instrument, but also enable "tuning in" of the speaker to the room in which it is situated. The EQ unit is inspired by tone controls from 1960s EMI Abbey Road equipment (and has filters inside which are beyond your average sound mixer), and gives a lovely warm sound.

Grand Piano Shell Southampton---Null

Sometimes a room will accentuate the bass tones of the piano, and with my own EQ box, I can eliminate these unpleasant sounds.

My keyboards are Yamaha Digital Stage Piano Keyboards, which I find to have the best sonic quality and depth.

Wireless Speakers For Wandering Guests!

For events where your guests may move away from the piano, (and in so doing, no longer be able to hear it), I have a wireless system which can be used with a remote speaker. If there is a acoustic piano at your venue which they will not allow to be moved, I can play it and Mic it up using the wireless system and pipe the sound to another room/area. Please email for more details.


I have full Public Liability Insurance (£10 million) and all of my equipment is PAT tested and checked on a regular basis for safety (as PAT tests only verify a piece of equipment, or rather the power supply, is working and safe on the day it is tested)

I will travel absolutely anywhere within the UK, and all quotes include travel costs and free provision of a Yamaha digital piano (keyboard) if the venue doesn't have their own piano.

You can also liase with me to ensure your day goes perfectly. For example, if you are stuck for ideas of what music to choose for your Wedding Ceremony, I can give you some ideas - have a look at the ceremony music help page for clients HERE - (page will open in a separate window).

I can play any piece of music you require, and I don't necessarily need sheet music - I can work music out from a recording or youtube link - so please ask.


As an optional extra, I can provide a fantastic 'Grand Piano Shell', into which my keyboard fits. This looks and sounds like a BABY GRAND, but comes flatpacked and can fit just about anywhere! See the PIANO SHELL page for some images. This definitely beats paying hundreds for the hire of a real grand piano!

The Grand Piano shell takes up approx 2 metres squared including clearance, in order for people to move around it safely. Below are both possible setups, in a corner, and parallel to a wall. There must an be adequate power source nearby for both.





Click HERE (Corner) for a PDF of the floor plans.


As an optional extra, I can provide a black gloss finished mini upright piano "surround" which fits over the keyboard on a stand, hiding wires/amp etc., into which my keyboard fits. See the UPRIGHT PIANO SHELL page.

Below is a diagram showing the setups for the Upright - either against a wall or in a corner. There must an be adequate power source nearby for both.


Click HERE a PDF of the floor plan.


Below is a diagram showing the setups for the Digital Piano Keyboard on a double braced Keyboard Stand - either against a wall or in a corner. There must an be adequate power source nearby for both.


Click HERE a PDF of the floor plan.


I am a member of the Musicians Union, and fully covered for up to £10,000,000 Public Liability - the certificate is available to download here

All equipment is PAT tested by a qualified electrician, and the certificate is available to download here


If your venue has no power supply, a quiet, portable battery-driven power generator is available, which will generate up to 300 watts of power for up to 3 hours - enough to drive an electric piano and a small (but powerful) amplifier. Please note, you must pre-book this if required (no extra fee.) Please email for more information.


I can play outdoors, although no electrical equipment will be set up in the open air. If you require an outside performance, you or the venue must provide a completely waterproof/sunproof covering (e.g. marquee, gazebo) and a safe regulated power supply. Please note that the large umbrellas at hotels are usually not waterproof, and are not satisfactory shelter. If there is a building close by, it is usually best for me to set up just inside a doorway. My BOSE sound system is exceptionally good, and I have "satelite" speakers if required to boost sound towards a certain area. The piano shell can be used outside (under waterproof cover), however only in situations where I would not need to move part way through the day (e.g. from ceremony to drinks reception, or drinks reception to wedding breakfast etc).